Fixer Upper

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I have fallen in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines this year, like so many others, after watching their series Fixer Upper on Netflix.  Little did I know earlier this year, that I would have a fixer upper of my own very soon.

We did not have a lot of time to look for a home prior to our move, and when we moved to our new town, everything was such a whirlwind.  I was out of the country for two weeks, Scott started a new job, my mother in law also decided to move with us (and by move with us, I mean move in with us) and we knew it it was going to take some time to find a home for 8 people that we could afford.  We were fortunate enough to find a great rental home that would allow us to rent from month to month so we could take our time.

We probably looked at around 20 homes, and just could not find “the one.”  One day on the Zillow website, I found a home for sale by owner.  It did not have the square footage we needed, or a separate living area for my mother in law.  However, I begged Scott to go see it, because it had a beautiful 2 sided stone fire place and really large windows with lots of light.

When we went and saw it, it actually had a whole lot more square footage (more than we really need), and it had a separate basement that could be Mimi’s (mother in law) area.  It needed a good bit of updates throughout the house, but the price was way less than what we had been looking at, and it had all that we were looking for and more.   We feel so blessed to have gotten this house, and we felt it was another affirmation from the Lord about our move to Cookeville.  In addition, our home sold in two weeks in Manchester, before we moved,  so we felt like we were really blessed in the housing situation.


Mimi's Area

Mimi’s Area

Front of the house

Front of the house

Kitchen and Keeping Room

Kitchen and Keeping Room

Fire place, One of my fav things!

Fire place, One of my fav things!

Master Shower

Master Shower

Master Tub

Master Tub

Dining area and kitchen

Dining area and kitchen


These are just a few of the before pictures… there will be more to come and can’t wait to show you the comparison pics! 🙂

Many Hats

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Well… I have been missing from the blog world for a while, but it has been a glorious season in my life the past few months.  I have been wearing a lot of hats lately: Wife; Mom; Pastor’s Wife; Friend; Author; Speaker; Construction (literally); and Teacher.

From May until now, so many wonderful, but huge, semi-stressful, life changing events have happened. 🙂

We celebrated the birthdays of two of my sons, Seth (9) and Joel (4) and 10 years of marriage with a trip to Jamaica! (That was not the stressful part!)  My book about our family’s adoption, He Knows Her Name, came out in stores and fun book signings and media launch took place soon after.  I traveled to India to continue our work there with LOFT 218.  We had some hospital visits (all is well).  And last but not least, my husband accepted a position in a new church.

So in the middle of all these wonderful things, we had to say goodbye to our church family and friends in Manchester, and get ready to move our five children to a different home, different town, and different church.  It was hard to leave (Trust me- I shed some tears), but our transition has gone great.  We are really loving our new town, our new church, and making lots new friends. And thankfully, we are not too far, as we still have been able to visit with some of our Manchester friends.

In addition, we bought a fixer upper (enter STRESS here ) and my Mother In Law decided to move in with us. Which I know scares some of you all, but it’s going great for us, and technically we aren’t moved in together yet, because our house is still be remodeled. She is currently staying with a church member while we are renting. And she has helped a ton with the kids, which cuts down on the stress.

I also decided to home school… (Insert more STRESS here)… Which will eventually be a whole blog in itself!  Even though, this adventure is definitely stressful at times, I am really enjoying it… And I think my kiddos are too! We played fall baseball and have been conditioning for youth wrestling

Here are a few pics from the whirlwind we have been living in, but again… I thank God, because we really don’t deserve His lavishing love. But He has still chosen to bless us in tremendous ways throughout this whole transition.

Oh, and did I mention we got a dog?!?



img_2840 img_2846 img_2819 img_2788 img_2594 img_2433 img_2434 img_2454 img_2560 img_2577

img_2117 img_1941 img_1910 img_1877 img_1684 img_1554 img_2936




KP Turned 4!

It is hard to believe she is 4!  Time really does go too fast.  I am trying to remember, as I have been advised by some pretty wise senior adults in my church, that these are the Golden Years and to enjoy every moment.  These moments are passing too quickly!  My little girl can start school next year… what?!?!?
We had a small gathering of our family and a couple of friends from church.  KP mainly wanted cake (She is like her Mom) and then she wanted Henna Tattoos.  Those are something she has seen a lot about because of our time in India, as well as we have friends that use it to tell Bible Stories as evangelism.
This girl lights up our lives.  She is very independent, sassy and sweet.  She is very smart and she knows what she wants and she goes after it!
I am honored to be her Mom, and I can’t wait to see where God leads her!  


As KP was snacking on Edamame, she asked, “Do they make Eda-Daddy too?”

Easter Weekend 2016

As usual, the bunny comes to visit us at TBC before out egg hunt and talks to us about the true meaning of Easter.

Pre-K Hunt

Joel Man


Lyla Girl



Decorating our eggs and talking about Jesus being the light over darkness

After church we joined some dear friends the Florence Family for a delicious lunch at Cortner’s Mill.  Yummy!

We can’t ever one, where everybody poses correctly 

Joel AKA: Mr. Sunshine

He is Risen Musical at TBC

This year are church hosted and participated in a community wide Easter production called “He is Risen”.  It was held the weekend prior to Easter, and there was a full house every night.  I had the privilege of choreographing the angels dance…they were four of my girls from Manchester School of Dance.

Fun Weekend

We celebrated a friend MariJo’s birthday Barbie style and …

The boys went hiking/camping.

Letterbox Adventures

 We recently discovered the fun adventure of letterboxes.  We are just amateurs now, but I think we will have our own family stamp soon, and will be visiting more and more letterboxes in the near future.

Chics and Chocolate

I had the wonderful privilege of sharing at Chics and Chocolate at a another church in our community.  I was able to share about my passion for missions and for the country of India.  Another for Miss SC, and pastor’s wife in TN, Vickie Leavell was the main speaker and she was awesome!  I wish I could have hung out with her longer!